13 March 2005


6 thoughts on “13 March 2005”

  1. Sakana says:

    Interesting colors and DOF.


  2. Interesting… I keep staring at the button. Had I not seen it, I don’t think I would’ve known this was a shirt. So almost a quasi-abstract in many ways. Very interesting shot indded. Great detail and such a saturated red.

  3. luminouslens says:

    Amazing color in this photo. I agree with Jessyel that if I hadn’t seen the button, I wouldn’t have known this was a shirt.

  4. AJ says:

    Amazing color, great lighting too.

  5. zerosun says:

    vibrant colors and great line movement. love the interesting effect from such an everyday object.

  6. potty says:

    nice textures and vibrant colours in this image. you make something ordinary interesting!

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