WNYC New York’s flagship public radio stations launched a Street Shoots photo challenge.
This pictures were taken in Barcelona Photobloggers meetup following Bruce Gilden’s technics shown in this video.
This are my first tries, so…

5 thoughts on “Following Bruce Gilden: inocuo CCOO”

  1. inocuo says:

    la he visto en el iPhone, pero la imagen me sale demasiado pequeña. Supongo que por el script que pusiste para el redimensionamiento. Has de optimizar el fotoblog para el iPhone! xD

  2. fran says:

    Esta tarde me lo muestras y lo soluciono. La idea es que se pueda ver bien siempre.

  3. Inocuo says:

    Ahora genial!!!! 🙂

  4. fran says:


  5. Ilan says:

    Love this frame – That guy looks a bit too much like me 🙂
    I really enjoyed it.
    You have a great gallery, glad I found it. Hope to become a regular 🙂

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