22 Draft #1


This picture was taken 100 meters from Torre Agbar, just in the middle of 22@ the TICs neighborhood in Barcelona. It’s fabric converted to a comping, it’s not unusual. The people living there works “re-using” trash as way of living.

It’s a draft of 22 a phorography project that is going to be exhibit on January 2010 at Pati Llimona.

22 pictures are fragments of calm between two ages, two development models: the industrial and the knowledge.

Poble Nou suffers the industrial crisis and remains forgotten. Then it was conquered by homeless inmigrants, okupas, ruins, demolishers, gitanos, old account books, and the resistance, those who lived there before changes began.


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  1. davide says:

    Muy interesante este tema sobre el pobelnou. Preciosos los colores.

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